Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Plant Biology or Microbiology Ph.D. program in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC-Berkeley. In the first year of the program, our Ph.D. students take classes and do three 5-week lab rotations during the first semester before choosing a thesis lab. The Niyogi Lab generally has space for a rotation student during each of the three periods, and we usually have space for at least one new student to join the lab at the end of rotations. If you are interested in joining our department as a graduate student and completing a rotation in the Niyogi Lab, please contact Kris by email.

Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in the Niyogi Lab, please send an email to Kris describing your research interests and motivation for applying to our lab. Please attach a current CV, including names and contact information for three references.

Undergraduate Students

We highly encourage undergraduate students to get involved in research. In the Niyogi Lab, each student will be paired with a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or a research scientist who will serve as their mentor. During your time in our lab, you will gain hand-ons experience in scientific discovery while learning experimental design, various wet lab techniques, appropriate record keeping, and data analysis. UC-Berkeley undergraduates who are interested should apply through the SPUR program. In addition, our lab occasionally accepts highly motivated students outside of the SPUR program. Students who are interested in joining the lab are invited to please fill out this google form.