Melissa Roth
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PhD, Marine Biology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
MSc, Marine Biology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
BSc, Ocean Sciences, Stanford University

Research Interests
I am interested in how environment shapes life in life that shapes the environment.
Keywords: environmental physiology, evolutionary physiology, ecology, climate change, photosynthesis, photoprotection, algae, coral, symbiosis, bioenergy, agriculture, dinoflagellates, fluorescent proteins, GFP, chlorophytes, biogenesis/degradation of chlorophyll complexes, non-photochemical quenching



Roth, MS, Padilla-Gamiño, JL, Pochon, X, Bidigare, RR, Gates, RD, Smith, CM, Spalding, HL. In press. Fluorescent proteins in dominant mesophotic reef-building corals. Marine Ecology Progress Series. URL coming soon

Roth, MS. 2014. The engine of the reef: Photobiology of the coral-algal symbiosis. Frontiers in Microbiology 5,  422. URL

Roth, MS, Deheyn, DD. 2013. Effects of cold stress and heat stress on coral fluorescence in reef-building corals. Scientific Reports 3, 1421.  URL

*Press about this paper: National Science Foundation and Smithsonian Surprising Science Blog

Roth, MS, Fan, TY, Deheyn, DD. 2013. Life history changes in coral fluorescence and the effects of light intensity on larval physiology and settlement in Seriatopora hystrix. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59476. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059476. URL

Padilla-Gamiño, JL, Bidigare,RR, BarshisDJ, Alamaru, A, Hédouin, L, Hernández-Pech, X, Kandel, F, Soon, SL, Roth, MS, Rodrigues,  LJ, Grottoli, AG, Portocarrero, C, Wagenhauser, SA, Buttler, F, Gates, RD. 2012. Are all eggs created equal? A case study from the Hawaiian reef-building coral Montipora capitataCoral Reefs. URL

Roth, MS, Goericke, R, Deheyn, DD. 2012. Cold induces acute stress but heat is ultimately more deleterious for the reef-building coral Acropora yongeiScientific Reports 2, 240. URL

*Press about this paper: Nature, National Science Foundation, and NYTimes blog piece 

Roth, MS, Latz, MI, Goericke, R, Deheyn, DD. 2010. Green fluorescent protein regulation in the coral Acropora yongei during photoacclimation. Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 3644-3655. URL

Roth, MS, Knowlton, N. 2009. Distribution, abundance and microhabitat characterization of small juvenile corals at Palmyra Atoll. Marine Ecology Progress Series 376: 133-142. URL

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Sanford, E, Roth, MS, Johns, GC, Wares, JP, Somero, GN. 2003. Local selection and latitudinal variation in a marine predator-prey interaction. Science 300:1135-1137. URL

Created a website on nongeniculate coralline algae. 2001. URL